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BioResonance as an Energy Based Medicine with Sarah Bainbridge

December 9, 2016

Sarah Bainbridge is a qualified Bioresonance and EFT Practitioner and owns and runs the Life Waves Practice. She has had the privilege to successfully help many people experience a return to better health and a stress free life. Her work has enabled her to publish a number of articles relating to the treatment she provides and the nature of ill health, and has been nominated for an ICNM award whilst the Practice itself has been featured in the well know publication ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’

In this show Sarah discusses the impact of detrimental energies on our physical and pyschological health, where these energies are in the environment (eSmog and Geopathic Stress and Pollution, for example) and how the principles of Bioresonance specifically as an energy based medicine can help.

You can find out more about Sarah's work here:

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