Empowering you to be the best you can be using Flower and Vibrational Medicine

In her healing practice in the Devon, Rosemary began to feel that the effect of exposure to electromagnetic fields from everyday electronic equipment was undermining the positive efforts she and her clients were making towards creating a healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, positive thinking, healing treatments, were being energetically undermined by constant exposure to an invisible cloud of man-made electromagnetic radiation in the environment.

The energyDOT range of electromagnetic harmonisers was developed as a result. Now, fifteen years on, her work with healing electromagnetic fields to provide protection from the effects of electro-pollution has taken on new meaning in a global situation with huge health implications.

Rosemary is the Founding Director of Phi Harmonics Ltd, producing a comprehensive range of energyDOT electromagnetic harmonisers, available online and through practitioners and distributors around the world. Rosemary also offers Phi Space environmental consultations, a unique and powerful ­­­way to clear and optimise the energetic quality of the home, workplace and public spaces.



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