Empowering you to be the best you can be using Flower and Vibrational Medicine

Having recovered twice from ‘terminal’ cancer without using conventional medicine, Fiona feels it is important to share her story.

She believe that the body is capable of great miracles when it comes to healing and that health is our default setting – our job being to get out of the way as much as possible and let the body do it’s job.

She originally trained as a nurse – but knowing what she had already learned about healing due to her recovery from Leukaemia aged 11 using The Gerson Therapy, she felt drawn to study natural medicine, so she undertook a four-year full-time course in Herbal Medicine.

Aged 41, she became seriously ill with cancer for the second Time; metastasised Cervical cancer which had gone to the ovaries and the brain. The Royal Marsden told her she was dying in January 2008. She didn’t feel ready to die, so instead she decided to totally go for recovering and made healing her body her entire focus. Despite having had a 9X6 cm tumour which engulfed both ovaries, a cervix tumour and between 5 and 7 brain tumours, against all odds, she was ecstatic to be tumour- free within 10 months.

In order to heal herself, she radically changed her diet, her attitude, her beliefs and listened to what her body was asking for. She used herbs, EFT, PSYCH-K, meditation, prayer, vegetable juicing and coffee enemas.

Fiona also spent 3 weeks in a German clinic where she had hyperthermia, vitamin C intravenously, ozone therapy and insulin-potentiated chemotherapy. Fiona says “I felt that I was going to recover, although at times I did wonder if I was being over-optimistic!”

Now it is her passion to share what she has learned with others!

Her website is: www.natureworx.com You can email her on: info@natureworx.com

Fiona is organizing the Back 2 Health Conference which is an Integrative Cancer Healthcare Event which will be in Exeter Castle 6th- 8th June.

The amount of information available online can be over-whelming and Fiona wanted to provide an opportunity for people to listen to talks and attend workshops that would support people in their health and well-being. The first conference was in Bristol in April 2013 and was completely sold out – so book now if you do want to come along!

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