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Join Sara Estelle in the latest Nature Connections show as she speaks to Casey Jon about her passion to Be the Voice of the Animals and her range of WildHeart Animal Essences.

Casey Jon has been working with flower and vibrational essences for over seven years, and is registered as a Flower Essence Tutor and Advanced Practitioner with the Bfvea. She is also a member of BAFEP, and teaches as part of the Chalice Well Gardens Essence Team on its Flower Essence Practitioner Training course. For the past several years she was an integral part of Wild Medicine Essences. Casey is an animal loving essence practitioner and producer living on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor. She finds the wild and elemental nature of the Tor and its landscape deeply nourishing, a place where she can listen to the owls at night and watch the badgers, foxes, bats and deer that inhabit her garden, reminding her of her own innate wildness. It was this wildness that inspired her to create the Wildheart Animal Essences, to let the animals have a voice. She lives there with her husband and three cats.

Casey and Sara Estelle talk about the Wildheart Animal Essence range.These Essences have been co-created by Casey to give our native wild animals a voice to speak out, a way to be heard and to connect with us through healing. The essences began with connecting to the animals and co -creatively working with them to help heal our wild wound and to let them speak showing us how to do that, the wild wound is that, which stops us connecting with nature and our beloved mother earth. Also when connecting with the wild animals, people make a personal connection with them and begin to care and understand

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Join Sara Estelle in the latest Nature Connections show as she is joined by Chris Phillips, Author of "Treating Depression Naturally". Chris shares more about how depression is a uniquely experienced emotion/state of being and how and why it might manifest. Chris also talks about 3 aspects of depression - namely anger, hormonal depression and depression experienced by many young people today - and flower essences that might help.

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Rhythm of Beauty was created from a desire to create beautiful skin care that translates the secrets of nature into living products that work in harmony with our skin and well-being. Rhythm of Beauty is a unique translation of the secrets of nature into a seasonal, holistic and living skincare experience that works with your body & wellbeing.

Louise Allen is a holistic professional with many years of experience, Rhythm of Beauty combines seasonal, natural flower & plant essences, harvested by hand with the natural moon cycle, to harness the pure life force of nature and the Earth to bring you vitality, wellbeing and beauty from within

Find out more http://www.rhythmofbeauty.co.uk

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Join me for my series of Nature Connections interviews with healers who have embraced their gifts and transformed them into beautiful businesses. Indra's journey with nature began many years ago. Through her yoga training she would always escape to the woods or the sea to ground and find her way again. Her connection to the moon and her cycles was also profound. Indra trained with Sara on her Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine, graduating in 2013. Originally Indra took part in the training for her own self awareness but before she knew it Silent Moon Imaginarium was born. Flowers have helped her heal past pains and brought her to a place of discovering her authentic truth . Her mission is to allow others not to be afraid. Indra supports her clients in doing the same by living the life they deserve to live. To honour their shadow and step through their doors of fear.
To find out more about Indra's work and the Silent Moon Imaginarium, visit http://www.silent-moon.co.uk
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Join me for my series of Nature Connections interviews with healers who have embraced their gifts and transformed them into beautiful businesses. In this week's Healers Can be Enterpreneurs interview, I am joined by Aodaoin Hathaway who is the founder and creator of Dances With Dragons Vibrational Essences and Energy Healing. Aodaoin uses her Mystic abilities to co-create her vibrational essences with the Dragons and Elementals of the land and plants. To find out more about Aodaoin's work and Dances With Dragons, visit www.danceswithdragons.com.
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Join me for a brand new series of Nature Connections interviews with healers who have embraced their gifts and transformed them into beautiful businesses. In my very first Healers Can be Enterpreneurs inteview, I am joined by Flower Essence Producer, Author and Flower Farmer Shelley Sishton who shares with us her passion for bringing the wisdom of flowers and nature alive in the hearts of many. To find out more about Shelley's work visit www.shelleysishton.com

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The author of two best selling books on color, Diantha Harris puts her knowledge of color to work in creating her online courses. Diantha employs her knowledge of color, feng shui, energy and nature’s gifts in all her work, classes, books and readings.

The Gift of Grace was given to Diantha as inspiration when she was studying with Sara Turner in Sara’s class, Create Magical Money. The Gift of Grace helps people refocus their attention on why they are here, and how they can move forward in achieving their dreams. Diantha’s passion is to be present here to help herself and others be all they can be, living life to the fullest each day.

In this show Diantha shares how Grace first flowed through her own life and how Grace can dissolve what holds us back and can miraculously transform what comes next. Diantha leads you through a visualisation with the ray of Purple – the colour of transformation, alchemy, magic and transmutation.

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Loey Colebeck is a professionally accredited Bach Flower Therapist (SEDIBAC #402).

Her clinical practice is based in Chinese Medicine, Gestalt Psychotherapy,Constellation work, and other integrative mind-body approaches.
She translated the book Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, by Pablo Noriega (Inner Traditions, 2016). Loey lectured at the IV biennial SEDIBAC (Catalonia Society for the Study and Diffusion of Dr. Bach's Therapy) Flower Essence Therapy Conference in Barcelona, in 2013, and has published various articles. She trained at various Bach Therapy institutes in Barcelona where she began private practice in 2009. She uses Bach, FES and Bush Australia flower essences in her clinical practice.
Loey currently teaches and practices in Minneapolis.

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Beverley Densham is an Author & Founder of the Happy Kids Cards to bring more happiness, confidence & calm to children's lives & you. The Happy Kids Cards are positive affirmation cards to use at home & school during the good, challenging & sad times of life. Two near death experiences & domestic violence guided her to change direction. Studying with Doreen Virtue, she became an angel therapy Practitioner & Medium. Beverley is the Author of Relax & do your ABC and now inspires others by living an angelic lifestyle. She's a Pilates teacher & graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Sports Science.

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In today’s Nature Connections show Sara speaks to Deborah Craydon about flower essences and how their guided use can transform lives.

Deborah Craydon, FES Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, has developed Floral Acupuncture™, a system of applying the 38 flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach to their direct acupuncture points- work that she has published in her co-authored book: Floral Acupuncture, Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites. The book is available from Amazon in both kindle and paperback. She is also the founder and producer of Flora Corona™, a vibrational elixir system including Hawaiian flower essences, gem elixirs and her own original colored light elixirs. Deborah teaches a 12 month online course: Flora Corona COLOR CLINIC, which you can read about at her website: www.floracorona.com